Ongoing projects:

  • "History of the former S. Bartolomeu da Via Glória council", by researching in diverse sources, such as publications, thesis, cartography, interviews, photography, among others;


  • "Inventory of the historical archive of the Council of S. Sebastião dos Carros", with the support of the local Council;

  • "Study of the mills of the Council of S. Sebastião dos Carros". This collection, made in situ, includes recovery proposals of the wind and water mills as well as the memorial of the already destroyed;


  • “Acquisition and digitalization of antique documentation”, such as maps, books, post cards, stamps, among others;


  • "Digitalization of ancient photography”, through borrowing pictures form local habitants, from daily routines of the 20th Century;


  • "Analysis of the physical and human geography of the Vascão River”, influent of the Guadiana River. It aims to promote a wider research on the watercourse and its extension, foreseeing a focus study on the Lampreia River that crosses the district;


  • "Producing papers based on local historical archives”, using the Historical Archive of the Council of S. Sebastião dos Carros (until 2009) as source. Its predicted a collaboration of the Museum of Alcaria dos Javazes, with its ethnographic assets;


  • "Creation of a local library", by collecting 44 linear meters of books from a particular library and other donations;"Manufacture of tradicional shoes", with the contribution of Mestre Mario from the village of Via Glória. It’s a project related to a research based at the CIAUD Research Center - Centro de Investigação em Arquitectura, Urbanismo e Design from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (CIAUD/FAUL), that aims to preserve and broadcast traditional techniques;


  • Re-creation of the Wool and Linen Cycle”, aiming to apply these textiles in new products. The association acquired 3 looms for educational purposes and experiments. "The Bread Cicle", which consists of studying buildings, artifacts, garments and rituals related to the bread making, from the planting of the wheat to serving the bread. It’s a project related to a CIAUD/FAUL research project that aims the recovery of heritage and the production of renewed artifacts through design;


  • "Researching Canes and the Cane Plantation", towards a thorough study on the characteristics of this material and current uses. This project is related to a CIAUD/FAUL research on architecture and design;


  • "Implementing Creative Tourism”, through protocols with local inhabitants that wish to host associates during the activities of the association;


  • "Revitalization of the old primary school of Via Glória”, through protocols with the parish council. The goal is to establish a temporary headquarters of Via Criativa at the school and promote cultural events there.


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