Via Criativa – main goals:


  • To promote a design thinking based on the dialogue between heritage and contemporaneity, focusing in innovation.


  • To develop, with sustainability, the local community and the territory, having design as philosophy and, as pivots, culture, creative industries, science, agriculture, environment, ecology, society, economy and tourism; 

  • To give dynamism to projects, events and other activities that give value to and promote the material and immaterial heritage form the district of Mértola and the Alentejo region;


  • To bring to the region influences and acting models that are intercultural but value the local resources;


  • To endow the territory with cultural, economic, social and environmental structures that allow its sustainable development in the long run.



Via Criativa – secondary goals:


  • To coach and educate, towards an innovative sustainable development, according to the vision of design;

  • To revitalize economy and society with the creation of employment;

  • To stimulate and disseminate the local culture, both national and internationally;


  • To defend and empower the local ecosystem, revitalizing the autochthonic forest through a territory management according to an agri-forestry-pastoralist model;

  • To unveil the natural and ethnographic heritage related to the Vascão River.


design for the local development
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